Friday, March 20, 2009

Setting the Record Straight

Cesky Terrier breeder, Sheila Atter, has got it right ...

It's Time For Us to Get Down and Dirty

Basset Hound breeder and internet blogger, Jon Buscall, has also sounded the alarm that show dog breeders and exhibitors simply cannot afford to keep silent any longer ...

Silence isn’t an Option (Crisis Management)

We might get our paws a little dirty in the process, but as Sheila Atter has alerted us all: "If they are going to play dirty then we must do the same or we will go under."


Gibscot said...

PeTA/HSUS is so well organized and well funded that it is going to be a difficult battle for us, but I for one have rolled up my sleeves, dipped my pen in the ink well and am ready to battle with Scottish Terrier tenacity!

One of the most difficult hurdles we face is overcoming our innate shyness...baring our faces to the world that we've been hiding for fear of people knowing how many dogs we have or something else "Big Brother" may endanger. We have rights and we must fight now or lose them for ever.

Jontus said...

Thanks for the link! I appreciate it. Interesting to read what you're doing here. Good luck.

Best wishes,